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Get Fit and Stay Fit

My Top Tips on Getting and Staying Fit

I would like to share my 5 top tips on getting and staying fit, I hope these will help and inspire you. Fitness can be simple and we can all achieve this goal if we put our mind to it.

Making a choice
Making a choice and sticking with it.  You may think this has got nothing to do with getting fit, you would think the first step is to join the Gym.   We all have made a choice in our lives at some point to be fit and healthy. However we often have given up in the first month.  The reason for this is we don’t have a real reason, purpose or why, we also often don’t understand the major benefits of being healthy and fit.  When you make a real choice and you know your WHY and you are mindful and really understand the benefits.  You will never give up that easily. It is almost like the reason we wake up each morning, the reason why we go to work is to earn money, the why or reason we eat is to fuel our body or it’s because we are hungry.  You do these things daily and consistently without even thinking about it because you have your WHY and REASON.  Fitness and health should be looked at in the same way.  I encourage you to think about this and write down at least 3 – 5 reasons WHY you want to become fit.  Think deeper than just “Oh want to lose weight for a wedding”.  Your WHY is always something bigger as this is what drives and motivates us.

80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise
This is the honest truth.  If you have nutrition sorted and on track, you are halfway there.  You can’t out train a bad diet. Spending hours in the gym and then not looking at nutrition can be a waste of money, time and effort.  I would always recommend addressing your nutrition together with fitness as it compliments each other and essentially can’t function without the other.  If you are training and even if you are not, you need a healthy balanced nutritious meal to fuel your body and give you energy and restore your muscles and simply to help you function daily.   If you have been working out and don’t see any results according to your goal, go back and look at your nutrition as its mostly likely the reason for this.

The Time Factor
Been there and done this.  I never had time to exercise.  I honestly and truly believe this is an excuse.  Because all you need is a minimum of 15 minutes to do some sort of exercise.   I used to choose to sit and watch TV instead of doing something physical.  I could have been doing 15 minutes of exercise.  You don’t need lots of hours in the gym and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy either.  HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) with a combination of resistance training is a great way to get fit and also if you have a weight loss goal it’s a great way to burn fat.  There are so many quick exercise channels on You Tube and online that you can follow.  Home workouts are great to do and also you don’t need a huge amount of space. So in essence you can use time as an excuse any more.

Do what you love and enjoy
So many people hate exercise and hate going to the gym.  Some people can’t do certain workouts for various reasons. Therefore it is extremely important to find something that you love doing or at least like and enjoy and are happy to do a few times a week.  If you hate they gym, why do you have a membership?  If you hate your daily job you are more likely going to before badly, the same goes with exercise, if you can’t stand it you will perform badly and won’t see results. If you hate running or exercising you will probably end up avoiding it and not working out.  I am sure it is possible to find something you like and enjoy online or in a gym or outdoors or somewhere. Doing something is a hundred times better than doing nothing.  Start Small. Even if it means walking daily, be consistent and set yourself a realistic and achievable goal.  If you like dancing go dancing, if you like swimming join a club. Just do something.

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