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Live, Laugh, Love and Travel

Live, Laugh, Love and Travel

Imagine you are sitting on a towel in the sand on a beach, you can hear the sea and the waves moving softly in and out, crashing sounds over each other, you can hear seagulls in the sky.  You can hear a soft breeze and trees crackling while the soft breeze moves through them. You feel the sun baking down on your skin a warmth that makes you feel calm and at peace.  You feel light drops of water on your skin from the ocean as the waves splatter closer to your feet.  You feel the sand granules beneath your toes, they are warm but as you dig your feet deeper into the sand it becomes cooler.  You smell the salty seaweed fishy smell from the sea, you may even smell some food from a restaurant close by. You smell the fresh air that is so clean and your nose is open as no pollution is present.  You feel at one with the earth and present.  You look out into the beautiful deep blue ocean that is never ending and you look up to the sky and it is even bluer than the ocean.  How is this beauty even possible you wonder? You take deep breath and savour it all and your heart feels so warm with gratitude to be able to experience what they call a holiday at the beach. 

The definition of Travel is too simple I think “Make a Journey of some length” I think the definition should be “An experience or journey that is rich with fulfilment, fun and flavour that will leave you feeling amazed, enriched and overwhelmed by pleasure and gratefulness” 

I would like to share with you the adventure, fun, confidence, beauty, fulfilment, connection, pleasure, and happiness that Travel can bring into your life.  It’s not only about going on a trip once a year with the family. There is so much more to “Travel” There is a deeper revelation and meaning about Travel that is so rewarding it is hard to describe the feeling inside your heart when you are jet setting and experiencing the world in its beauty. 

Please enjoy the Vlog’s and Blog’s on this page and I hope they encourage you to travel more. 

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