Holistic Fitness and Coaching by Lidia Peto

A little bit about me...

Lidia Peto

I am an inspired, passionate life living proud single mother born and bred in South Africa, my father was Hungarian and my grandparents are from England.  I grew up always dreaming and wanting to achieve more in life however circumstances like poverty, abuse and trauma changed my life and I ended up taking a different journey then the one I wanted. This journey has taken me through various paths in life and has allowed me to be the person I am today, and I am proud of that person. My suffering has become my strength.

What can I do for you?

Holistic Fitness and Coaching wants to help, support, motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their goals, dreams, intentions, and passions in life no matter what that may be. Be it Health and Fitness Goals, Weight Management or changing your lifestyle to be healthier, give up addictions in life, live a more meaningful or extraordinary life or simply break a habit or be happier and content with your life.

Holistic Fitness and Coaching believes looking at fitness as a whole or entirety and not only physical fitness, looking at mental and emotional fitness too.  I believe physical, mental and emotional fitness is connected. Being physically fit but emotionally unfit can hinder living life to your full potential. Many people battle to achieve their goals because it is not their body stopping them but their mind or emotions. I would like to address your mind that matters, your emotions and your physical body so you can achieve what you want in life and also live the life you want and be a happier human being.

Holistic Fitness and Coaching offers Personal Training, Nutritional Advice, Life Coaching, Tips and Information about Meditation and Mindfulness.  Support, daily Motivation and Inspiration. This is all demonstrated and supported by genuine love and care for the human race.


Level 3 Personal Trainer (Exercise for older adults / Ante and Post Natal) Level 4 Advanced Nutrition, Life Coaching. REPs Member.

What my Clients say...