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Nutrition is a lifestyle​

My advice and guidance about Nutrition and Lifestyle

The one thing I have always done in the past is have a goal to weigh a certain amount of kg within a certain time frame. This essentially is not a bad thing, having a goal however I learnt that after I reach this goal I had no further plan, so I went back to the old way of eating and put back all the weight I lost initially.   So for me it’s about Lifestyle.  Lifestyle meaning “way of life, way of living, manner of living, situation, state, condition, fate, set of circumstances, behaviour, habits, ways, customs” exactly what the definition says.  I have made a conscious choice to live a healthy balanced lifestyle every day, I have decided to change my habits and behaviour to live this way as I know the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  The way I live a healthy lifestyle is eating a healthy balanced diet, this includes lots of greens, vegetables, sufficient protein and whole grain carbohydrates and healthy fats.  I also love drinking a huge amount of water, I try my best to exercise daily.  Practicing meditation, mindfulness and gratitude daily even if it’s for 2 minutes a day I also try my best to get enough sleep according to my body’s requirements and also I was able to stop smoking and stop consuming huge amounts of alcohol.  For me a healthy lifestyle is my normal way of living now.  And whenever I eat something that is not part of my daily meals it’s an abnormality for me, so for example I may have a pizza and some wine or chocolates, or biscuits etc. This is not normal for me, so I will eat it and enjoy it and then it’s back to my normal way of living again.  It’s also about having a balanced lifestyle which means you don’t have to starve yourself or restrict foods etc. like so many fad diets out there.  It’s simply about healthy choices in life and allowing yourself things you want to eat and drink but then you know that’s an exception to the rule. 

I absolutely love a healthy lifestyle, I would not change the way I live now for anything.  P.S. Not even a bottle of good wine. 

If you love your lifestyle and you are happy with it then live that way, remember it’s about a choice for good, if you are not ready to give up certain things in your current lifestyle that perhaps are not great for you or your body then it won’t be easy to change your lifestyle. It is hard initially, however it’s like any habit. A habit can be changed if you are consistent in your choice and you give yourself time.  It’s not an overnight quick fix, it’s a continuous journey.   You have to really want a better and healthy lifestyle.  It won’t always be easy but it is worth it. 

When you know the reason why you choose to live this way it does make it a little easier. 

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