Holistic Fitness and Coaching by Lidia Peto


I am an inspired, passionate life living proud single mother born and bred in South Africa, my father was Hungarian and my grandparents are from England.  I grew up always dreaming and wanting to achieve more in life however circumstances like poverty, abuse and trauma changed my life and I ended up taking a different journey then the one I wanted. This journey has taken me through various paths in life and has allowed me to be the person I am today, and I am proud of that person. My suffering has become my strength.

One of my passions in life is to help individuals live the life they always dreamed of or want to live.  It’s my passion to help and inspire others simply because I know and believe that no matter what life a person had in the past, the present and future can be modified.

I am a mother to a teenage amazing daughter who has various additional needs and this has made me want to help others that are in the same situation as me even more. My daughter is one of my inspirations in life and my ‘WHY’. She is my Joy. 

My two main motto’s that I live by are #Justdoit and  #NeverGiveUp,  I have learnt no matter how hard a person’s life can be or how many obstacles you face, the words Never Give Up are Inspiring.  They inspire me, these words give me meaning, make me realize that I can’t give up no matter what and it is linked to the reason WHY I wake up in the morning. The words Just Do It are embedded in my life and I live by this that if I want something bad enough I take the leap of faith and just do it. You have one life, Why not live it?

I used to be relatively healthy in South Africa but when I moved over to UK I fell into allot of stress and anxiety. My friend and companion became addictions like smoking and drinking and simply living an unhealthy lifestyle.  The last few years I have been making changes and living a healthier life in order to become a better person, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Personal development is key to a successful and happy life. I also realized that life does not have to be hard and no matter what life throws at me I can make the best out of it.  I am not a victim any longer, my life is transformed and I now thrive and not just exist and I want to inspire others to have this life too. 

I used to work in Automotive for almost 15 years until I was able change and decided to first care for my daughter and then secondly follow my heart and passion and live the dream I had when I was a young girl.

I am a Life Coach, a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer (Exercise for older adults / Ante and Post Natal) Level 4 Nutritional Adviser, Inspirational Blogger, Professional Speaker, Wellbeing and mindfulness advocate.  I am a Dream Chaser and have a passion for life and Travel. 

Featured in Take A Break Magazine