Holistic Fitness and Coaching by Lidia Peto

Achieve your Dreams and Goals!

Life coaching is about analysing and closing the gap between reality and dreams

https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/RVHNCF/Life Coaching is process that focuses on the discovery of your goals and is based on a holistic approach that involves planning and action in several areas of your life. 

Everyone needs guidance in the form of life coaching, when they need to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions and pave the path towards the realisation of their dreams and goals.

Life coaching is a gradual process, whereby a life coach helps someone to look beneath the surface of their thoughts and beliefs and helps them understand internal obstacles to their success and wellbeing.

Do you find it is hard to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, lose weight or achieve your long term health and fitness goals? Do you perhaps feel stuck in your life and feel like you find it hard to move forward in life not only in health and fitness but in all other areas in life? 

Have you ever wondered what is stopping you from achieving your biggest dreams in life?

Reflecting upon your present life, goals, dreams and achievements is so important and this can help you live your very best life.  However we don’t often know how to do this and it may seem strange at first.  However I can guide you and show you how to.

By completing this questionnaire it will help you think about your present life and the future and what you want to achieve for you and/or your family.

Answer the questions with honesty and an open heart and mind.

All information will be kept confidential and is in compliance with GDPR.

I would love to help you break through barriers and achieve your goals and dreams for good.  Upon completion of this questionnaire you will receive a 1 hour free life coaching consultation. During this consultation we will review your goals, set action lists, look at what’s holding you back and focus on building your future the way you want it to be.

Let’s get you living your best life….