Holistic Fitness and Coaching by Lidia Peto

4 Week Transformation Project

What is this all about you might be wondering!

Well, I was thinking, do you want to make a choice and change your lifestyle to include healthy habits that help you change your life permanently?   Are you wanting to feel strong, healthy, content and happy forever and not just for a season?  Do you want to look and feel incredible every day?  Are you tired of being on a rollercoaster ride and not meeting your goals and dreams? Are you de-motivated and feel like you want to change but don’t have the time or energy?  Have you tried to lose weight but can’t keep it off for good?   Would you like to become fitter and stronger?  Do you want to feel energized, motivated, content, happy and confident and love yourself for who you really are?  It is possible to transform any part of your life, whether this is your body, mind or circumstances forever. 
I am here to tell you that You Can!  You can feel and be all these and so much more in life for good and not only for a season….

This is why I have made it my mission to help, guide and support you during this time.

 Read on to find out more about why it has become my mission…

Three and a half years ago I felt lost, alone, trapped, fed up, overweight, unhealthy, anxious and I literally hated myself, my body and my life. I disliked the person and mother I had become.  I was not happy with myself as I allowed myself to become someone I didn’t want to be.  I had lost my way.  Every day I woke up feeling depressed, sad, stressed, unhealthy, overweight, demotivated and unfit and I did not want to get out of bed.  I would drown my feelings in alcohol, cigarettes, overeating and unhealthy addictions.

I felt like everything and every part of me was falling apart and if I didn’t change I would lose it all. My motherhood and my life was at stake. I knew that from losing my parents at a very young age from an unhealthy lifestyle and illnesses like Diabetes and Heart Disease I had to change.  I had to be the person and mother I was meant to be. 

So I made a choice one day and took action!  I took small steps in changing my lifestyle, I joined a fit camp, got a PT, changed my nutrition and changed my mind-set understanding that in order for me to feel different and not hate myself, my body and my life I had to find a lifestyle that is forever and a life that would keep me happy every day and not just for a season.  And that’s what I did. I am now much happier.  I love who I am, I love the way my body looks, I feel strong fit and healthy every day. I wake up and want to get out of bed and live life to the fullest.  I love learning and growing each day and I am now able to believe in myself and know that I can achieve all my goals and dreams in life, however most of all I am so happy and proud I am able to be the mother and role model to my amazing daughter.

Are you joining me in this incredible 4 week project?

Launch date 11th of January

The 4 Week Project Plan is broken down into 5 simple, easy and achievable steps that will take you on the Path to Transformation

This method created by me has purposely been designed – trialed – tested and implemented to ensure your life is transformed!

  1. Reflect upon your life
  2. Reboot and make an accountable choice
  3. Recharge and get your body moving in the right direction
  4. Re-nourish to fuel your body for daily energy
  5. Renew your body, mind and soul every day to keep living your best life.

What you get during this project

  • Live workouts (all fitness levels and abilities, exercises will be adapted for you)
  • Weekly Transformation Life Coaching
  • Wellness discussions with amazing Guest Speakers
  • Private Facebook accountability group
  • Weekly Giveaways
  • Nutritional Advice, guidance and support
  • Mindfulness and Meditation sessions
  • Weekly Stretch classes

All the above content will be saved in the private Facebook for you to participate in your own time if you miss any live sessions.

Let’s get this Project Started!